Defective and Unapproved Medical Devices - Jeff Newman Law

When unscrupulous medical device companies market defective or unapproved devices, they not only put patient health at risk, they also cause illegal billing to taxpayer-funded federal healthcare programs. Jeff Newman Law attorney Jeffrey Newman has aggressively represented whistleblowers who have information about medical device companies that market defective or unapproved products. In 2016 and 2018, for example, he represented whistleblower Ryan Bliss in two related settlements that resulted in a recovery of more than $48 million. On behalf Bliss, attorney Newman alleged that Biocompatibles and Angiodynamics marketed a product called LC Bead (or Gelspheres) as a chemotherapy drug delivery device, even though they knew that the United States Food and Drug Administration had refused to approve the device for that use. The companies also allegedly instructed physicians to bill for the device under a separate approved use, even when the physicians used it for its unapproved use.

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