Jeffrey Newman has represented whistleblowers in major cases for over 20 years. These include Medicare and Medicaid fraud, pharmacy fraud and pricing fraud cases, military contract cases, Securities and Exchange whistleblower cases including insider trading, front running and cybercurrency cases, skilled nursing facility fraud cases, IRS whistleblower cases, and more. In addition, Jeffrey is a trial attorney having tried several major cases to jury resulting in verdicts and settlements in multi-million dollars for the plaintiff. His varied career has included representing victims of sexual assault, victims of violence, defective products, and more. He was one of the lead attorneys in the Boston clergy abuse crises.

Jeffrey’s results in whistleblower cases have also resulted in over $200 million in recoveries for the Government and he is presently involved in the litigation of two major national cases for the Government. His office has presented cases involving substantial tariff fraud by Chinese companies for U.S. imports, major fraud by Urgent Care facilities involving overbilling Medicare and Medicaid, and cases relating to medical devices, overbilling, and kickbacks concerning laboratories processing urinalysis and tissue samples for physicians’ offices. His cases are nationwide, and he also represents individuals living abroad who present information using U.S. whistleblower laws. In October 2021, Jeffrey helped settle the largest False Claims Act (”FCA”) case to date against a private equity firm. The case settled for $25 million. Jeffrey was first hired by the whistleblower, Christine Martino-Fleming, in September of 2013. See United States and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ex rel. Martino-Fleming v. South Bay Mental Health Center, Inc.; Community Intervention Services, Inc.; H.I.G. Growth Partners, LLC; H.I.G. Capital, LLC; Peter J. Scanlon; and Kevin P. Sheehan (15-cv-13065-PBS). Jeffrey is presently representing several whistleblowers in securities fraud cases in the SEC Whistleblower Program, including cybercurrency cases.

A former state prosecutor for the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office, Jeffrey handled many cases, including co-counseling a murder trial and also handled appeals.

Before attending law school, Jeffrey was a reporter and photographer, during which time he interviewed Charles Manson in the Vacaville Prison and was referenced in Norman Mailer’s “The Executioner’s Song” for his work in Utah concerning the Gary Gilmore execution.

Publications by Jeffrey A. Newman
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