Common types of whistleblower cases include:

Healthcare Fraud/Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

  • Involving health care facilities, such as: hospitals, nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, hospices, home care organizations, and physical/speech/occupational therapy providers.
    • Invoicing for services which have no basis in medical necessity;
    • Invoicing for services that are not actually rendered;
    • Paying “kickbacks” in the form of money or anything of value to doctors who refer patients for treatment where Medicare and/or Medicaid are invoiced for services rendered to the referred patients.
    • Medicare Advantage fraud;
    • Medical device fraud through off-label promotion and fraudulent invoicing of Medicare and Medicaid for durable medical goods;
    • Selling faulty medical equipment;
    • Ambulance fraud through upcoding of ambulance runs.

Pharmaceutical Fraud

  • Off-label promotion of drugs;
  • Best Price Fraud;
  • Illegal Kick-backs

Financial Industry Fraud

  • Hedge funds, financial advisors, banks/corporations violating Securities and/or Banking laws and defrauding investors or shareholders through fraudulent accounting practices
  • Failure to pay state income taxes in a state where the company does business and income was earned
  • Failure to pay federal income taxes by both businesses and individuals
  • Businesses maintaining two sets of books regarding income and expenditures

Defense Contractor Fraud

  • Overcharging the Government or inflating prices for services provided in order to increase profits
  • Cross-charging, or improperly shifting costs and expenses from one contract to another in order to illegally increase the contractor’s profits
  • Substituting agreed upon products for cheaper ones to maximize profits

Foreign Bribes

  • Bribing foreign officials or their family members in order to obtain business in a foreign nation
  • Bribes by companies in others nations which are publicly traded in the United States