Actos, Takeda’s Diabetes Drug has Same Heart Risks as Avandia

Actos, a major selling diabetes drug causes major heart problems just as Avandia, the drug recently reviewed by the FDA and required to increase warnings. Sales of Avandia have plummeted and resulted in class actions against its manufacturer. Similar actions are anticipated against Takeda by heart attack victims who have taken Actos and possibly shareholders of the company. The information about Actos was released yesterday in an article publlished in The American Heart Association Journal Circulation. The FDA is expected to review the results. The drug is for the treatment of diabetes which relates to the body’s inability to break down blood sugar for energy. The studies linking Avandia to heart disease showed a 43% higher chance of heart attacks. It’s maker, GlaxoSmithKline had earned more than 3.3 billion until the news about the drug’s dangers was released. That information boosted Takeda Pharmceutical’s saled of Actos, making it the market leader. About 23.6 million Americans have diabetes, mostly type 2 which is related to overweight and sedentary lifestyle.