Amgen worker-whistleblower wore wire will recover millions from Amgen payment of $762 million to settle

Jill Osiecki, a sales representative at Amgen was instrumental in helping the government recover $762 million in a settlement with the drug maker based on allegations that it gave kickbacks to doctors to sell its drugs and off label marketed other drugs like Enbrel for psoriasis and Neulasta which increases white blood cells. Ms. Osiecki, who will share in the settlement under the False Claims Act which allows whistleblowers to recover up to 30% of what the government obtains, taped conversations with her Amgen Managers while wearing a recording device under her clothes that transmitted to agents for the Department of Health and Human Services. The amount that each whistleblower will receive has not been decided yet. Ms. Osiecki recorded meetings 13 times over 15 months, mainly sales meetings. Other whistleblowers made other allegations including a former sales rep who said Amgen overfilled vials of Arasnep providing free drugs to doctors. They could then bill Medicare for the use of those drugs to make profits. Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.