Boehringer Ingelheim to pay $95 million to settle Whistleblower case for improperly marketing stroke drug

Connecticut based Boehringer Ingelhein Pharmaceuticals Inc. will pay $95 million to end allegations of improper promotion of the stroke prevention drug Aggrenox, the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) drugs Atrovent and Combivent. The Food and Drug Administration has approved Aggrenox to prevent secondary strokes, Combivent to treat symptoms of bronchospasm with COPD. according to the lawsuit, the company promoted each for uses that were not medically accepted including Aggrenox for cardiovascular events, Combivent for use prior to bronchodialator. ΠThe lawsuit was filed by Robert Heiden a former sales representative for the company who will receive $17 million.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers. He did not represent Mr. Heiden in this action.