Botox Whistleblower Case Settles for $600 Million vs. Allergan

Allergan has agreed to pay $225 million to resolve civil allegations that it unlawfully promoted Bostox and another $375 million in criminal fines. Two whistleblowers came forward to reveal the wrongdoing and they will share a reward for doing so. They said that Allergan regularly provided illgeal kickbacks to physicians who prescribed Bostox for off label use. The whistleblowers also said that Allergan used a multi-million dollar hotline where physicians could call and obtain off label uses, for everything from overactive bladders to headaches. The FDA had approved the drug for very specific treatment such as excessive underarm sweating. The FDA prohibits drug manufacturers from marketing or promoting a drug for non-approved uses but many pharma companies do it any way, until they get caught. For more information contact Jeffrey Newman.