Charlotte couple to get $1.05 M share of $5M whistleblower suit against RxAmerica

A Charlotte North Carolina couple, Max and Jan Hauser, 70 and 71, will receive over $1.05 million as their share in the $5.25 million settlement reached by the Department of Justice with RxAmerica, a subsidiary of CVS Caremark under the False Claims Act. The lawsuit alleged that RxAmerican misrepresented to seniors the cost of prescription drugs on Medicare’s online “Plan Finder” that is used to compare the pricing and benefits of different Meciare D plants. Max and Jan Hauser said they had reviewed their insurance plans explanation of benefits form and realized that the company was charging more money to the Part D Plan considmers than it had represented in the Plan Finder. Jan Hauser, 71 said she and her husband were contacted by a lawyer who encouraged them to file the complaint after reading a newspaper article in 2008 describing their findings.Œ Jan Hauser said that the settlement should show other seniors that it is important to review their Explanation of Benefits forms to make sure they are being charged correctly.