China launches whistleblower website

The Beijing Discipline Authority has launched a new website where people can report corruption in connection with appointment of party and government officials. Corruption is a big problem in China, where buying and selling of posts in state-owned companies is commonplace. President Hu Jintao has previously stated the party can not accept corruption, and offenders should be severely punished and corruption prevented in an effective manner. In 2007 alone, 2,100 government officials received reprimands or administrative punishment for committing corruption. However, the authorities have done little to prevent the crime. The new website, looks to improve this. With the creation of the site, the Discipline Authority wants to enhance the opportunity to complain, as well as raise public confidence in the selection of officials. It is essential that the party has the support of the Chinese people, says Hu Jintao, which is why the anti-corruption fight is so important.

Even though the website urges people to come forward with their names, the complaint can be sent anonymously and will therefore serve to protect the whistleblowers. The complaintant can track the case management process online, and when it is completed, he or she will get feedback from the Discipline Authority.

In addition to being a complaint forum, the website offers relevant laws and regulations for visitors’ reference, as well as an overview of previous supervision tasks the authorities have carried out.

Source: One.Com news website