European Commission launches whistleblower program to facilitate revealing Russian sanctions violations– U.S. should do it too with rewards

The European Commission has created a new whistleblower program to help reveal potential sanctions violations against Russia for its war with Ukraine. Whistleblowers anywhere around the world can send in information about violations of EU sanctions and the program is confidential and anonymous. The purpose of the program is to encourage the implementation and enforcement of EU sanctions and prosecutions. There have been discussions in Washington about creation of such a program with rewards. The Treasury already has an active whistleblower program relating to information on illegal money laundering activities which is also confidential. The Securities and Exchange Commission also has a whistleblower program to report securities fraud and the whistleblower is entitled to substantial rewards if their information aids the Commission in a prosecution or investigation.The tool was announced in the January 2021 Communication on fostering the openness, strength and resilience of the European economic and financial system.

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