Five of the most sophisticated computer hackers in the world, members of the hacker group known as “anonymous,” have been arrested and charged with cyberattacks against government agencies and private companies. A sixth man, Hector Xavier Monsegur, a famous hacker known as “Sabu” pleaded guilty in August to computer hacking. As part of his deal, he cooperated with the government to help build a case against the other five defendants.Ryan Ackroyd, 23; Jake Davis, 29; Darren Martyn, 25; and Donncha O’Cearrbhail, 19, have been charged with conspiracy regarding attacks against Fox Broadcasting Co., Sony Pictures Entertainment and the Public Broadcasting Service, or PBS. O’Cearrbhail is also accused of hacking into the personal e-mail account of an Irish national police officer and eavesdropping on a conference call between Irish police, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies about ongoing investigations into Anonymous and other hacker groups. The suspect allegedly recorded the call and disseminated the recording to other hackers. Jeremy Hammond, 27, was charged with a December cyberattack against a Texas firm called Strategic Forecasting Inc., which authorities say might have affected about 860,000 people.O’Cearrbhail and Martyn are from Ireland, and Hammond is from Chicago, the indictment said.Ackroyd and Davis are from the United Kingdom. Monsegur, 28, in August pleaded guilty to 12 counts of computer hacking and other crimes. The group allegedly stole confidential info from over 80,000 user accounts in a computer security firm called HB Gary Inc. These indictments are not expected to disrupt the organization long term.