Former paratrooper now whistleblower revealed defects in battery of Dreamliner years ago

An all out NTSB investigation concluded that a 787 Dreamliner battery that was not properly tested caused an explosion that sparked a fire which burned down a three-story administrative building at the Secureplane facility in 2006. Now, a 53 year old former paratrooper, Michael Leon Œ a whistleblower, spoke last week to an NTSB investigator recently and gave him extensive materials raising safety concerns about Securaplane Technologies Inc. an Arizona company making chargers for the highly flammable lithium-ion batteries at the core of the probe. Battery failures have grounded the global fleet of 50 Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliners. Leon, who says he was fired for reporting safety concerns about the batteries. Once recent event with a Dreamliner involved a fire on a parked 787 at Boston’s Logan airport. Securaplane hired Leon as a senior engineering technician. The company was taken over by Meffit in April 2011, which now makes three battery-related systems for the 787. Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.