Genzyme pays $22.28 Million settling False Claims whistleblower case on “slurry” in patients

Genzyme, a biotechnology corporation in Cambridge Massachusetts has agreed to pay $22.28 million to resolve a case which alleged false claims were submitted to federal and state health care programs for use of a “slurry” version of its Seprafilm adhesion barrier.Œ

Seprafilm is a thin film intended to reduce adhesions after surgery by forming a bio-resorbable barrier between abdominal tissue and organs. Its FDA approved use is for open abdominal surgery not laproscopic surgery. Uncle Sam alleged that Genzyme sales reps taught doctors and other staff to use the film in laproscopic surgeries by making a “slurry” consisting of small pieces of the film combined with saline.

The case was originally filed against the company in Florida by a whistleblower who will share in the recovery.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.