Google lens turns your camera into a Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Homes is a master of deductive reasoning and pattern recognition in the sustaining novels of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He could, in fractions of a second, make observations of the smallest note of a person’s clothing, rate of breathing, hair color and perfume type and put them together into conclusions that explained them all. Now Google has come up with something called Google Lens and it has tremendous potential to expand the way we see the world and the meaning of different things that we might otherwise not see. Its a kind of search engine, only using the camera on the front end instead of a text box where you enter words. A few years back Google came out with word lens which allowed the user to hold up the camera to a word in a foreign language and it was translated onto your screen. Take a picture of a certain vegetable and you can receive a long list of recipe ideas for that food. Take a photo of a location and it will list restaurants or hotels nearby.

I want them to connect the lens with facial expression charts so you can take a shot of a friend and see an interpretation of what the person is seeing. To be sure this will come soon.