Grandmother of 8 former USDA poultry inspector turns whistleblower revealing USDA wrongdoing

Phyllis McKelvey, a retired United States Department of agriculture poultry inspector for 44 years and grandmother of 8 has come forward to reveal that the USDA’s planned changes for poultry inspections will benefit big business and harm Americans. Mrs. McKelvey says that under a new proposal put forth by the FDA, poultry processing lines will speed up and will also remove hundreds of federal inspectors from poultry plants. If this plan is implemented, she says, inspectors will no longer be able to see all parts of the bird-a restriction that causes them to miss carcasses contaminated with lesions, bruises and tumors. In addition, even when an inspector does see unwholesome products, that inspector will not be allowed to stop the line under the new plan. The new plan is thought to be a result of industry lobbying and concerned consumers should write their congressional representatives. Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.