Highly Radioactive Water Leaks Into Ocean From Damaged Nuclear Reactors In Japan

The water being used to try to cool the damaged nuclear power plants is now leaking through expanding cracks within the walls of the containment pit in the Fukushima nuclear plants in Japan and there is no way it can be stopped by using the present model of controlling the disaster. Experts say that the ocean will dilute the radiation but there are concerns it will filter into the sea life, including fish which will spread the problem in ways that cannot be presently determined. Readings released today showed that radiation in the seawater has already spread to 25 miles south of the plant. Scientists from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are using newly developed mathematical models with advanced computers and daily data inputs to try to get an idea as to the spread of radiation and its meaning. The Livermore labs are equipped with high powered computers and software dedicated to the tasks. It has a base of geographic and meteorological information to enable it to create three dimensional maps predicting the size, density , toxicity and movement of radiation. The results are rendered to the U.S. government and are not released to the public or the news media directly. Experts in the field have stated that there is no danger from the radiation to other nations. Contamination of individuals has been an issue in China but individuals traveling from China are not being monitored more closely. The U.S. Navy is posted beyond 50 miles from the reactor and are monitoring radiation levels in the ocean. Reports are classified.