Each year, taxpayers must pay an extra $1,000 to cover those cheating on their taxes. Now, the IRS is taking an agressive and new approach to recover the more than $350 billion that companies and individuals are evading in their taxes. Congress passed a law mandating that the IRS begin paying whistleblower rewards as high as 30% of what the IRS recovers based on the information provided. Both Republicans and Democrats are serious about preventing what has been increasing government fraud.There is no limit. You could report hundreds of millions of tax evasion if you have information to support it and it is NOT necessary to prove that the company intended on cheating. In addition, in this new program, the IRS is committed to maintaining confidentiality meaning they don’t reveal names in most instances. There are detailed steps to follow and things to watch out for. You will need an attorney to help with these and to make sure you are paid the amounts you are due under the law.