Nvidia’s new H20 semiconductor chips and China’s plans for using them for artificial intelligence

Nvidia’s H20 semiconductor chip is its most powerful chip that it is selling to China. The company is taking pre-orders for a Nvidia chip specifically designed for artificial intelligence. The H20 does not deliver as much power as Nvidia’s new H100 and the H800 which is banned for sales to China. Some feel the H20 may be better than Huawei’s 910B chip regarding connection speed which is important regarding linking a large number of chips together to become a working system.

The issue being assessed by our military is that these chips may be used for artificial intelligence in China’s military weaponry including missiles, drones, tanks and other systems that might advance China as a dominant military force in the world. The would shift the entire global economic and political configuration. Our Commerce Department is tasked with figuring out what chips and other technology should and shouldn’t be sold to China and other adversaries. The outcome is still unclear. Some of the information above came from an excellent article by Reuters published February 1. Reuters is focusing heavily on the semiconductor chip wars and has published several exclusive articles with primary data not previously published . Here is the URL for the Feb 1 article:https://www.reuters.com/technology/nvidias-new-china-focused-ai-chip-set-be-sold-similar-price-huawei-product-2024-02-01/

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