Off topic: how genetically modified polio cells can cure cancer

This particular blog has nothing to do with whistleblower cases. There is a developing breakthrough coming from research done at Duke University which has the potential to effectively treat many forms of previously untreatable cancer, including gliobastoma, brain tumors. It targets the cancer with viruses. In this case the polio virus which is modified to make it safe. The engineered polio virus is injected right into the tumor. Clinical trials have been held and some individuals with glioblastoma have been cancer free for some time. They may have been cured. 60 minutes had a program on this and it is worth watching if you haven’t seen it. Some of the more recent advances are a result of recent technological advances in genetic engineering of viruses. My question is, how does it work? Apparently the polio virus naturally infects almost all cancer cells because its receptor used for cell entry is abnormally present on most tumor cells. Œ Onece inside the tumor, the polio virus infects and kills tumor cells. However, the researchers think that its capacity to remove tumors comes from its ability to recruit the patient’s immune response against the cancer. Due to the recent successes there are a number of new initiatives including using it on breast cancer and childhood tumors. Some of the physicians and researchers have been working on this for over twenty years. This is the first significant progress in cancer treatment in decades. Amazing.