Rise in corporate corruption a consideration in coming vote

In a recent survey almost two thirds of the likely voters polled would consider a candidate’s commitment to addressing corporate wrongdoing as part of their decision making process in the upcoming U.S. election. The poll was conducted by the market research firm ORC International which contacted 1,015 people using a computer assisted interviewing system. Asked if political candidates in general favor corporate interests over constituents interests 77% responded yes. The spread of corporate corruption appears in almost every segment of business today, highlighted recently in the Libor scandal in which some of the world’s leading banks are trying to manipulate interest rates to their favor.  The massive misconduct of the financial industry in the sale of dubious mortgages have resulted in the fact that only one in five have much trust in banks. Economists Luigi Zingales and Adair Morse of the University of Chicago estimate conservatively that in any given year fraud is being committed by 11 to 13% of large companies in this country.