SAC Capital still under seige in insider trading charges when judge rejects $615 million payment

Connecticut based SAC capital thought it had settled its lengthy insider trading charges over improper trading by agreeing to pay $615.7 million in fines to the SEC. However this week, the agreement fell apart when a judge asked why SAC neither admits nor denies wrongdoing. Then, SAC’s portfolio manager Michael Steinberg was suddenly and unexpectedly led out of his Park Avenue Apartment by the FBI and charged with conspiracy and securities fraud. The $615 million deal with SAC would end the hedge fund’s potential civil liability related to $275 million in profits or avoided losses from allegedly receiving inside information about the results of an Alzheimer’s drug trial.Nonpublic information about the trial was allegedly passed to Mathew Martoma, a former CR Intrinsic portfolio manager, according to prosecutors. Mr. Martoma has pleaded not guilty to conspiracy and securities-fraud charges in the matter. Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.