Tech Companies Involved In Insider Trading Investigation

Technology company execs and salespersons were placed under arrest and charged with leading secret info about companies including Dell and Apple. For example, former Dell global supply manager Daniel DeVore, pleaded guity to wire fraud and conspiracy on Dec 10 for passing on information about the company sales figures. Anthony Longoria rendered revenue info, sales prices and gross margins to a hedge fund and leaked tips to Richard Choo-Beng a hedge fund manager who has been cooperating with investigators. Manosha Karunatilaka gave product sales and shipping info to a hedge fund anayst concerning Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. He also gave semiconductor orders data and calls were routed through the FBI. Walter Shimoon a senior director of business at Flextronics allegedly told a hedge fund about plans for the Ipad. Some of his cell phone calls were monitored as he talked about sales figures for Ipods Iphones and said the Iphone would have two not one cameras.