Toyo Ink Japan affiliates pays $45 million to settle False Claims whistleblower suit

Toyo Ink and their affiliates in New Jersey and Illinois knowingly evaded import duties by misrepresenting the country of origin on documents presented to U.S. Customs and Border Protection to avoid paying those duties. So says that U.S. Government and Toyo, maker of printing ink products has agreed to pay $45 million to settle the the allegations. Specifically the government alleged that Toyo misrepresented Japan and Mexico as the countries of origin for its CVP-23 imports rather than the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and India which were the company’s sources fo raw carbazole violet pigment number 23 (CVP-23). The allegations resolved today were brought by a whistleblower John Dickson, president of a domestic producer of CVP-23. Under the False Claims Act, private citizens can sue on behalf of the U.S and share in any recovery. Mr. Dickson will receive more than $7.8 million as his share. Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.