U.S. warns China that armed attack against Philippine vessels will trigger US involvement

Antony J. Blinken. the U.S. Secretary of state warned China that an “armed” attack against Philippine vessels in the South China Sea would engage the mutual self-defense pact between Washington and Manila, resulting in the United States involvement, according to news reports.

Recently Chinese ships have rammed Philippine vessels and engaged water canons on them. During a news conference with a Philippine counterpart on how to deter what some analysts call China’s “gray-zone coercion tactics,” which Philippine officials say include aiming a high-powered laser at a Philippine Coast Guard vessel and temporarily blinding some crew members, Mr. Blinken pointed to diplomatic, not military, measures.“The very visibility of those actions, I think, has provoked from a number of other countries clear statements in support of the Philippines and against these provocative actions that are a threat to peace, security, freedom of navigation and basic rights under international law,” he said.

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