US pursues case against Chinese army hackers

The May 2014 indictment of five Chinese soldiers accused of hacking US companies to steal trade secrets seemed to be the end of the road and the case had gone quiet.

But US authorities say that a May 2014 case against five Chinese soliders accused of hacking US companies stealing trade secrets is still very active. US criminal agencies are pursuing ways to bring the suspects, still be in China, to justice.

The indictment of the Chinese soldiers was the first of its kind and reflects probable cases to come. The victims of the PLA case were top companies including US Steel.

Regarding other instances of cybercrime, which is on the rise here, the FBI in Pittsburgh have charged over 70 individuals or served search warrants.

One operation known as Darkode, involved collaboration with global authorities in the investigation that spanned 20 countries. Darkode was used by cyber criminals as a black market for credit card data, hacking tools, ransomware, email addresses and other information.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.