Whistleblower Suit Reveals Rolls Plane Engine Flaws

Rolls-Royce hid numerous and repeated defects at an aircraft engine plant in Indianapolis and fired a safety official for reporting the problems according to a new suit filed in federal court under The False Claims Act The whistleblower Thomas McArtor was a senior quality control officer for Rolls-Royce and the FAA’s chief designated airworthiness representative in the plant. The lawsuit says that the company cut quality controls to increase profits then concealed information about the increase in defects. Problems affect Model 250, T56 and AE2100 engines used in both civilian and military aircraft. They include Bell helicopters, Saab turbo props, C130 transports and the Kiowa military helicopter. The lawsuit says some engines from the plant have experienced catastrophic failures including nine that have failed in Iraq, causing the loss of U.S. lives. The lawsuit was filed under the False Claims Act which allows the whistleblower to receive upto 25% of the moneys the government recovers which could be substantial in this case. The whistleblower also has allegations of retaliation for his firing, also protected under the whistleblower law.