Alleged rapist of 15 year old at elite New England prep school expected to testify

A rape trial involving a student at an elite New England prep school, St. Paul’s School involves a 15 year old freshman girl and a 19-year -old graduate, who is expected to take the witness stand.

Owen Labrie, is charged with raping the 15 year old on a secluded campus rooftop in 2014. The incident was said to be part of a student tradition known as “senior salute” in which older boys go after younger students shortly before graduation. The girl says she met Labrie and that he became aggressive quickly. She did not have sexual experience and tried to say no.

Labrie was a housing dorm prefect who planned to become a minister. He is charged with three counts of aggravated felony sex assault, four counts of misdemeanor sex assault, endangering the welfare of a child and using a computer to lure her to meet him via email and Facebook. He denies ever having sexual intercourse with the girl. He is represented by Jay Carney of Boston. In his opening statement, Carney told the jury :”There’s no question that (the accuser) knew exactly what Owen was doing by inviting her to get together. Because it was a source of pride for girls at the school to be asked to participate in the ‘senior salute.'”

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.