Japanese Radiation Detected in Massachusetts Rainwater and Elsewhere Around The World

Radiation from the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan, has now been measured in New England rainwater and drinking water. Reservoirs around Massachusetts which make up most of the drinking water in the state are being tested. Experts emphasize that radiation levels are small and that there is no health risk. The fact that we are now receiving Japan’s radiation is sobering nonetheless and is frightening proof of how small our planet has become. Nuclear reactors of the same Œ exact design and vintage as those damaged in Japan, are being operated in several nations around the globe . The same risks existing in Japan also exist for the others. The need for an international authority, of all nations that comply with international law, to monitor and manage global risks for such disasters is overdue. The World Health Organization (WHO), The United Nations NATO don’t Œ perform such functions and are not structured to do so. A new entity is needed. Perhaps the disaster in Japan will cause world leaders to fashion one.