Manny Pacquiao, handlers sued for failing to disclose shoulder injury

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Manny Pacquiao and his handlers seeking damages for anyone who paid to watch his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. because he failed to disclose his shoulder was injured. The suit was filed Tuesday in federal court in Las Vegas on behalf of two plaintiffs, identified as Staphane Vanel and Kami Rahbaran. Other lawsuits have been filed against the fighter and promoters in different states claiming the injury definitely altered the quality of the fight and reduced its value.

It alleges that they defrauded after paying to watch the fight, and seeks class action status on behalf of anyone who bought tickets, pay-per-view or bet on the fight. Pacquiao has stated since the fight that his shoulder injury was not the reason he lost the fight but viewers as well as bar owners shelled out significant sums to view the fight which was marketed heavily. In addition, betting on the fight was heavy and there was no public knowledge that Pacquiao was injured. In addition, The Nevada boxing regulators are looking into possible action against Pacquiao for failing to disclose the injury suffered in training for the fight. They want to know why Pacquiao checked “no” when filling out a state form the day before the fight that asked whether he had a shoulder injury.

The latest estimates for Pacquiao say that he made upwards of $100 million for his role in the fight, and some predictions right before the bout said he could earn close to $120 million. While Mayweather was given $100 million after the fight, Top Rank promoter Bob Arum said Pacquiao would be paid $50 million on Monday, no matter how well the PPV sold.

Jeffrey Newman represents whistleblowers.

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