U.S. issues sanctions against Kaspersky Lab executive following a ban of its security software

The Treasury Department has imposed sanctions on leadership of Kaspersky Lab after a recent move to ban its antivirus software, billing the new measure as a response to continued cybersecurity risks.

The action follows an announcement from the Biden administration Thursday that it would bar Kaspersky Lab from selling to U.S. businesses or individuals over concerns that the firm poses a national-security threat. The ban was the first of its kind imposed by the Commerce Department on a foreign company.

The sanction falls under a 2021 executive order that allows sanctions in response to certain threats from Russia, including malicious cyber-enabled activities.

The measure sanctions Kaspersky’s chief operating officer, chief legal officer, head of corporate communications, chief human resources officer and chief business development officer. The affected individuals couldn’t be reached for comment.

“Kaspersky Lab is a company which is very, very competitive on the international level,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Friday. “This is a favourite method of unfair competition from the part of the United States. They resort to such tactics every time.”

Kaspersky has hundreds of millions of customers worldwide, many of whom are in the U.S.

US businesses and consumers using Kaspersky’s antivirus software products and services have until Sept. 29 to stop using them The administration Administration announced a ban earlier this week on sales of the company’s technologies in the country over national security concerns. The security concerns are related to the fact that Kas[ersky is a russian company.

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